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Nice game, but I think second chance might not be working and I'm not shure it's possible to win on normal

Got to day 155 on SQEASY after a few tries. WOW did those invasions suddenly make things super hard super fast!

One thing that I find odd is the game's tone; it seems to be going for humor, but the horror is played straight enough that it sort of overrides it. I imagine you're aiming for Cookie Clicker's tone, where the insanity and horror is just in the metaphorical and literal background. I'd say to tune down the SPOOKY effects and music to make the tone a little less oppressive.

Nice work!

That's amazing. Thank you so much <3 I tried to tone down the effects a little bit for the last build.

Thanks for the comment :)

26 Days on SQUEASY, but I think I'm getting the hang of it :D

Haha xD I will probably put down the difficulty again. I think it's still too unfair.